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Group Workshop Project

The Gobbies make the perfect group workshop activity for young, creative minds during preschool, daycare, summer camp, and other group settings. In fact, we've even created a special song and dance you can teach your students and have fun with!

Additional Teaching Opportunities

We have put much thought into color and symmetry when designing our toys and their component parts. We believe the concepts of color and symmetry can be taught alongside the simple fun of constructing our DIY workshop kits.

Educational Partners have access to our downloadable Lesson Plans that can be utilized to enhance any workshop event.

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Educational And Developmental

the assembly process of the Gobbies provides opportunity for fine motor skill development and cognitive thinking. Children get to choose the arrangement and order of placing cords and colored beads on their Gobbie! The various tactile features of our toys offer children FIDGET SENSORY RELIEF.

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